Friday, November 25, 2016

Exhibition Review of 'Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion'

Exhibitions from the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art can be a mixed bag. They are often built around contemporary fashion with a “vintage piece” thrown in here and there for good measure. So when I heard The Institute’s fall 2016 show featured 18th century clothing I had to check it out.

Have you ever stumbled across something that makes you shriek a few octaves too high- like a little kid on Christmas morning? 
Well that was me wandering through this small, but beautiful exhibition that features significant acquisitions from the past 10 years. It was refreshing to see genuine rococo mixed with newer outfits that share the same influence.

Bottom line- if you’re in New York City this fall check it OUT. And bring a drool rag, your camera, and try not to scare security with loud sighs of delight. I could go on, but if you’re anything like me you just want to cut to the pictures: 

My boyfriend agreed he would look badass in this. Menswear, French, 1792

Lady's ensemble inspired by a gentleman's 18th century waistcoat. Raf Simons, Dior, Autumn/ Winter 2014
Ivory silk robe a l'anglaise worn as a wedding gown in 1747 and then altered in 1770 
That stomacher OMG

Robe a fran├žaise, French, I'm guessing late 1770's?

That detail!
I don't even normally like this "cape" effect but here, wow 
French, 1780's redingote / polonaise

Collar detail

Back detail- check out those buttons for the polonaise
The End ;)
1770's pannier (this was actually made out of metal, not cane)

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  1. Thanks you for sharing these photos! Lovely see some details of the redingote, especially!