Tuesday, November 22, 2016



           Please make yourself at home. Sorry about the mess but I’ve just moved in, and I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’d love it if you could join me anyway!

            Although I have been obsessed with Rococo / Georgian / 18th century my whole life, it wasn’t until I saw Sophia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” that I went from causal observer to full on obsessive. Granted it was 2010 (the movie had come out 4 years earlier so I was a bit late to the game) but once the 18th century bug bit, it bit hard.
Can you even stand it?

The end result was discovering the incredible world of costumers both HA (historically accurate) and not. In future posts I’ll delve more deeply into the differences and blogs / podcasts / social media peeps you NEED TO FOLLOW because wow, just WOW, they are the rock stars of 18thcentury costuming.

            “OK, that’s cool” you say, “but wasn’t Marie Antoinette French? What does this have to do with America?” To which I say: great question! I was born and raised in New York to a family who has been in the USA about 150+ years and has always been very patriotic. My familiar roots lay up and down New England and I’ve always been proud of American history from the Pilgrims to the founding fathers, civil war (it was a matter of family pride that my mom won her local contest for reciting word for word the Gettysburg Address), world wars, and of course today.

Nope. I. Can't. Even.

         “Yea, so?” You might continue.

Well both the French and the Americans, when pushed are loyal, determined, and freakin fashionable as all hell. So I guess that makes me an all American Francophile- which is what I based the name of this blog on.

Currently I live in Brooklyn, New York, where it’s cool to dress like 1972 and 1880 got married and had a baby, but shockingly not so many 18th century lovers. Many of the usual outlets open to other costumers (reenactments, historical building and events) aren’t available to me locally. Yes we do have the 1920’s party on Governor’s Island but that’s more like Halloween in July to 90% of the participants. So what is an All American Antoinette to do?

After sitting around twiddling my thumbs I’ve decided the clothing will come first and then where I wear them will just happen. Starbucks in stays anyone?

Here I’ll post updates on my first 18th century dress progress (I’m starting from the underwear up), reviews on historical products, costuming classes and events, and of course a generous helping of Marie Antoinette.

Glad you stopped by, hope to see you soon!




  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I know there are a lot of 18thC events up in the NE, but the group I know is mostly around the DC area. You should check out the Francaise Dinner in March, it's a great excuse to dress 18thC with a bunch of other enthusiasts! :D

    And don't be afraid to start your own local group. Sometimes people just need an excuse to get together and costume. :D I'm sure there are a bunch of people in NY that would love to do 18thC events!

    1. The Francaise Dinner sounds amazing- does anyone have more info on it?